Friday, August 3, 2012

Sad Times in NJ

It's amazing that in this day and age a man cannot kiss his own partner without being kicked out of a hospital.  NJ, which was doing so well with it's fight for marriage equality (even if the governor will not sign off on a marriage bill), is host to a hospital that feels it is too good to follow federal law.  This is such a shame!

The partner was in the hospital for mental health reasons.  The last thing he needed was to see his partner escorted out of the hospital.  Is homosexuality really such an offense that a patient's mental health status is the last concern of the involved staff?  Sounds like we are going backwards here; homosexuality is no longer a mental illness.  However, unfair treatment can definitely lead to complications for mental illness.

Anyone in the NJ area, I deeply encourage you to support the following hospitals, who do support same-sex relationships:
Morristown Memorial Hospital
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Saint Peter's Hospital

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