Friday, April 22, 2011

Sometimes it's about finding joy...

So yesterday I was at my parents' house doing some yard work. In the midst of doing said work I realized that I really enjoyed it. I wasn't worrying about getting everything done, I was just enjoying the moment. It was a moment of realization: if I stop complaining and begrudging the things I do, things which I have chosen to do, I may just find some joy.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I suck at blogging...

After a great start at creating, and attempting to maintain, a new blog I failed after just one post. Perhaps "failed" is too harsh a word. "Forgot" is more likely. I forgot to take the time out to post what I want. I forgot to take time for me. I was recently reminded in a blog I follow that there are too many "forgots" in this world. Remembering to take that hour to pray, eat mindfully, reflect, commune with nature, and just slowing down for a moment is what is really important. How many of us are caught up in our check-ins, our facebook updates, emails, texts, phone calls? What would happen if we just took an hour and put our "have-to" lists asides?

The world would not end, that's for sure. It would continue. The text messages, emails, and phone calls will wait. And perhaps, just for an hour, we could feel whole again. At peace with nature.

So today I challenge myself, and anyone who dares to, to take an hour out and just be.