Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The New Wave...

Everytime I turn around someone is blaming a "new wave" of something on things they don't like. The new wave of parents are to blame for children who don't listen at school; the new wave of teachers are to blame for children who can't read/write/spell; the new wave of therapy is to blame for people who can't handle their emotions. Why are we so resistant to change? And why are we so centered on what we feel is wrong? Is it our nature as humans to complain, or is this another "new wave" happening?

I look around at my job and all I see are people who are unhappy. I sometimes wonder if I am one of them. Sure, I do my share of complaining, but is it just small venting or do I too partake in the "woe is me" crap that happens all the time? If I have been doing that, I am now determined to stop it. It just isn't constructive. I realize that ninety percent of my coworkers' days are spent complaining and saying what they would do if... When the situation arises that they have already speculated about, they shy away and don't go through with their plans of action.

This weak-willed, run off at the mouth but don't do anything type of living doesn't seem to work well. If all of my day is spent angry and determined to complain, then how I can help change the problems? The truth is that I can't sit her and complain about all my coworkers if I am not willing to change. So from today on, I refuse to complain! I will do what I can to change what I can and accept what is. If nothing else, I should have a much lower blood pressure!

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